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Welcome to QuaranTEEN's blog! This is a friendly environment where you can meet other like-minded teenagers and explore posts to discover new hobbies, activities, recipes, movies, and other things to help you have a fun summer, despite the COVID-19 pandemic! This blog is an inclusive and welcoming community for all. 


QuaranTEEN's blog posts are written by our talented team of blog writers. Everyone is welcome to read and interact with these posts; however, you can create posts if you are a blog writer for our site. (Apply to become a QuaranTEEN blog writer HERE!) 

If you don't want to become a blog writer, but you want to post something, head over to our Teen Forum!

Have something you want our writers to write about?

Do you have something you want to see up on QuaranTEEN's blog? Are you looking for some advice? Look no further- QuaranTEEN has your back! Introducing... ASK QUARANTEEN, your local resource center and advice blog. 


QuaranTEEN uses AskFM, an anonymous question app, where you can request a post about any topic in the world (must follow our SITE GUIDELINES or we won't post it) and one of our teen blog writers will create a post about that topic, just for you! QuaranTEEN's blog writing team consists of over 70 talented teen blog writers who produce genuine and authentic content, from teens FOR teens.

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