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Small Habits Become Goals

We all have goals, whether they be short term or long term. However, achieving them can be difficult. Sometimes, we make our goals so huge that even thinking about them automatically brings us down. When this happens, we end up not even attempting to go for the goal and disregard it before we even start. Here is where tiny habits come in. Instead of trying to aim for a goal so intimidatingly large, aim for something so undemanding that you have zero excuses to not do it. For example, if my goal is to have less screen time, I would start by eliminating 5 minutes from my current time. Then, as I progress and feel more confident in my ability, I would naturally decrease more screen time and feel better as I achieve my mini goals. Motivation can slowly build up as I keep achieving more and more goals. As humans, we tend to expect so much out of ourselves. Our expectations are so high that we do not feel happy if we achieve anything less. As a result, we have to rewire our brains to be proud of ourselves more often, propelling all the positive emotions. Little habits can turn into a lifestyle. The key is consistency.

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