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QuaranTEEN is looking for Blog Writers, Readers, Quiz Creators, and Event Coordinators today!
Benefits of joining the QuaranTEAM:
1. Gain community service hours and something to put on your resume!
2. Be part of something bigger: have the opportunity to join an amazing and powerful teen run community and have the chance to meet fellow creative and innovative teenagers from all around the world!
3.  Help a great cause by joining QuaranTEN's mission of fighting COVID-19 and supporting Frontline Foods, as well as helping teen mental health during the COVID-19 quarantine. 
4. Develop your creativity, teamwork, innovation, communication, writing, and language skills.
Why QuaranTEEN? 
Started in May 2020 by two high schoolers, Katie Kudriavtsev and Sarah Emberling, QuaranTEEN has already received over 100 applications from talented teen volunteers worldwide, expanding and reaching over four continents. No background expertise or skills are necessary to join QuaranTEEN; just a passion to fight COVID-19, help teen mental health, and use YOUR voice to help change the world.  
Blog Writers

QuaranTEEN is looking for creative and wordy teens to become blog writers for QuaranTEEN and write for our Teen Blog, Parent Blog, Mental Health Blog, Poetry/Stories page, and more! Apply today to discover a community of innovative teen writers! 

Sitting at a Cafe

QuaranTEEN is looking for Readers to record themselves reading stories to children to post on our Youtube Channel and Kids/Parents Page! (Multilingual applicants are encouraged)

Reading a Digital Book
Quiz Creators

QuaranTEEN is looking for creative and innovative quiz creators to create funny, quirky, and unique quizzes for QuaranTEEN's Entertainment Quizzes Page. 

Working in Cafe
Event Coordinators

QuaranTEEN is looking for teens to brainstorm, coordinate, plan, and lead different online/Zoom Teen Events! This can include: teaching academic/creative courses, holding a workshop session (painting, baking, writing, crafts, etc), or leading fun get together events such as game nights. Please specify what kind of event you are interested in leading!


Want to help out but don't see a role that suits you? Have a different skillset, or want to contribute in your own unique way? Contact us!

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