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QuaranTEEN Resources:
Reach out, make a friend: QuaranTEEN Pen Pal Exchange

Social outlet during COVID-19: QuaranTEEN Teen Events

Read teen posts: QuaranTEEN Teen Blog

National Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-TALK

Teen Line, Talk To Other Teens: 310-855-4673

Trevor Lifeline (LGBTQ+): 1-866-7386


A blog written by teens for teens: Find different posts, information, and stories written by QuaranTEEN's team of teen blog writers about different mental health topics! Have a question or topic you want written about? Tell us HERE!


Crisis Textline 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline



Intimidated by the unknown adults speaking from the typical hotline? TeenLine is a teen to teen conversation platform and hotline for teens where they can feel comfortable. Call 310-855-4673 to talk to an empathetic teenager across the world.

Trevor Lifeline 

A Hotline For struggling LGBTQ+ Youth:


A Crisis Textline for anyone going through a crisis: Text “HELLO” to 741741



Crisis Textline 

QuaranTEEN Pen Pal Exchange

Feeling isolated? Need a friend to talk too? Sign up for QuaranTEEN's Pen Pal Exchange!

QuaranTEEN Teen Events

Want to meet new people, do what you love, and reach out and socialize while staying socially safe during COVID-19? Check our QuaranTEEN's Teen Events! We offer open mic zooms, writing contests, writing workshops, study sessions,              meet new friend zooms, game nights, doodle sessions, and more! 

The Hidden Opponent

The Hidden Opponent is a website and online platform for student athletes to share their struggles with mental health in sports, founded by former USC volleyball player and librero Victoria Garrick. Check it out for some inspirational stories, and check out the facebook group to meet more athletes struggling with mental health issues and to share your own story!

Talk With Stranger

This website is a free anonymous texting platform. If you want to socially distant socialize during COVID-19, or just rant or get something off your chest, but don't have any friends or family members to go to at the moment, it can be a good resource. Just stay safe and don't give out any personal information!