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Do you ever feel bad because you do not meet your self-expectations? I know I definitely do. By setting the bar so high for ourselves, we end up feeling miserable if we do not accomplish our goals. Consequently, achieving our goals can make us feel the need to accomplish something more. That feeling of never doing enough can really drag us down and cause us to feel like we are constantly soaking in self-guilt. What if we let go of expectations, even for one day? What feelings arise when you think about that? You may feel like you are not doing enough, but tell yourself that doing less is definitely more. If you are constantly setting such high expectations and even accomplishing those goals, are you ever happy? Does it actually bring joy into your life? Ponder upon these internal questions and see what you can change to give yourself more compassion. Be kind to yourself, and as cliche as the saying, “You are enough is,” I will tell you that it is true. Change will not happen over one night. Do not expect to let go of those expectations so quickly, but if you stick to it, you will see progress. Sending you lots of love!

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