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Empty or Full Cup?

Do you ever simply “forget” about self-care because you do not feel as though it is important? Many times, we place self-care on the lower rungs of our priorities. It may be because we do not feel as though it is important. Let me ask you this, though: If a loved one is exhausted, would you tell them to keep working and pushing themselves towards burnout, or would you tell them to take a rest? We would most likely choose the latter option. Talking to ourselves with kindness and patience is more difficult than talking to our loved ones. If we do not take care of ourselves, no one will. In order to be the best version of ourselves, we must prioritize our own health and wellbeing. Do not feel bad for giving yourself time to just be. Do not feel guilty for doing nothing, for doing nothing and really taking in the present can help you feel more grounded and more aware of what is beneficial/ what is harmful for your own self. No one can thrive on an empty glass. If all your energy is depleted, you cannot function. Just like a phone battery, we all need to recharge and gain energy back., and we can only do that through giving ourselves some love. So, please, take at least 5 minutes right now to close your eyes, feel your body, notice your thoughts but do not become situated on any of them, and think, what makes me feel good right now?

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