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Staying Safe 



1. FOLLOW BASIC HYGIENE: Wash your hands for 30 seconds with hot water after being outside, before eating or touching food, and etc. 

2. STAY INSIDE as much as possible! It's okay to go out to exercise or go on a walk and get some fresh air but try not to go to crowded areas where you can endanger yourself or others.

3. Try your best to AVOID CONTACT with anyone but housemates/family members. 

4. Use HAND SANITIZER after going outside! If you don't have any since it's all sold out in stores, you can substitute it with alcohol based products that also kill bacteria!

5. When outdoors or in public spaces such as crowded grocery stores, please WEAR A MASK!

6. DON'T STRESS! This is a really difficult time for the world, but if we all follow the safety guidelines and support one another we can all make it through this!


1. "Masks don't do anything.. right?" 

Wearing a mask DOES do something: Viruses transmit through the air, and by covering your mouth you will limit the air that you intake from the outside world, therefore decreasing your chances of getting affected by corona virus! There have been rumors on social media about how masks don't actually do anything, and this is completely false, there's lots of scientific evidence that points to masks being extremely helpful. Since the beginning of time, people have been wearing masks, even making makeshift masks out of cloth before we had such advanced tools, so don't listen to some uneducated Facebook posts and do your reaserch before going out in public: when grocery shopping or doing any other things that cause you to be in close contact with the public: WEAR A MASK! 

It helps protect yourself, as well as the people around you.

2. "It's just a cold or flu, there's nothing to worry about"

It's true that we should not be panicking, but coronavirus is not just a common cold. It has a couple key differences:

1. Unlike colds, a still potentially dangerous but mostly easy to treat virus, it does not respond to antibodies and currently it does not have a vaccine or cure

2. It is highly contagious and infectious

Coronavirus is extremely serious, and we should be treating it as such, upholding shelter in place and limiting our social contact with others as much as possible, so that the coronavirus curve can flatten and go away faster.

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