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The Blog

Our teen blog where you can find fun activities and inspiration of what to do during the quarantine!

The Forum 

Our Reddit style forum where you can communicate with other teenagers around the globe, ask questions, learn and discover new information, and make friends!

Pen-Pal Project

Our Pen Pal Project offers the rare opportunity to have a pen-pal from across the globe, and more importantly, to make a brand new friend, all by filling out a simple 5 question survey!


Discover everything you want to know about yourself and more with these quick fun personality quizzes, ranging anywhere from "Which Element Are You?" to "Which Volleyball Position Should You Play?" 

Volunteer Opportunities 

Our site is completely free for use, but if you have enjoyed it please consider donating to our GoFundMe for Feeding America to help thousands of hungry families affected by COVID-19! Outside of that, this page offers other miscellaneous donation, fundraiser, and volunteer opportunities, and has a list of COVID-19 fighting causes that YOU can be involved in! Help the world and give back today!

Join Our Team

Sitting around in quarantine on TikTok all day? Use this time do something to help the world instead!

1. Volunteer to be a Reader for our website today! We accept all kinds of people, but especially encourage you to apply if you are multi-lingual, as we aim to be able to help as many families as possible and that includes all kinds of nationalities. You will gain experience, volunteer hours, and most importantly, the feeling of being able to give back and help millions of children around the world! (plus it doesn't hurt on college apps) 

2. You can also become volunteer to become a Writer for our website and write blog posts for our teenage or adult/kids blogs!

If you are selected, we will put you on our website under the "Meet The Team" bar.

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