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QuaranTEEN &

Activity Hero 

What is

Activity Hero? 

Are you looking for fun and interactive activities your children while they're stuck at home in quarantine? Established in the Bay Area, California, Activity Hero is a widely renown platform and resource for parents all around the world that provides unique camps and activities for children. Activity Hero offers a wide range of online activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from things like Minecraft camp and online gaming, to movie making, coding, art, singing, and so much more! QuaranTEEN has partnered with Activity Hero to help make these camps more affordable and accessible to ALL families worldwide. Check out Activity Hero's website to find the perfect activity for YOUR child today, and use QuaranTEEN's promo code to receive $15 off your first Activity Hero order! 

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Activity Hero Courses

These are some of our favorite Activity Hero courses! Find more and sign up on Activity Hero's official website, HERE

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