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A Year Since Quarantine <3

I didn’t think we would ever make it, but here we are! It’s been a little over a year since we were all stuck in our homes; making whipped coffee, spending hours on tiktok, figuring out Zoom, thinking it was just a longer spring break, and wondering when we would get to see our family and friends again. So many things have changed since then and there is quite a lot to process. Many things have changed for the better, while some have changed for the worst. But much growth in all aspects of our lives has happened just the same. Here are some journaling questions that you can use to reflect on all of those things. Enjoy!

What has changed for you since March 2020?

What do you miss and not miss about quarantine?

Are you grateful for where you are now?

What is one of the most powerful things you have learned since the pandemic started?

What is one thing you will tell people about quarantine in the future?

What choices have you made concerning your physical and mental health?

If you were to pick one thing from this past year, to look back on, what would it be?

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