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Nowadays, squishmallows are all over the internet. I see them on my Instagram feed all the time, and I cannot get over the fact that they are so cute. I have a whole crowd of them on my bed. Staying home so much has made me very anxious at times. I find that having a stuffed animal to hug onto tightly makes me feel instantly better. It gives me comfort and warmth. Hugging a squishy is similar to hugging a person in real life. Loved ones can give us support and emotional help if we allow them to. Reaching out to others is crucial when we need help. I know how difficult it can be to voice ourselves, our emotions, etc. Many times, we do not reach out due to fear of judgement/ embarrassment. Think about this though: Who we reach out to will be someone we most likely trust and love. They will not judge us because they want to help us. Please put your health first. By taking care of yourself, you can take care of others.

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