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After school, I usually feel so drained and down, not wanting to do anything except for lying down and sulking. However, sometimes this draining feeling most likely is a mask for the energy that is deep inside still. Do you ever feel tired after staring at a computer too long? Instead of deciding to remain where you are, getting up to move is a better alternative. Slowly, the energy will flow back. One of my favorite activities to do for energy is hiking. Hiking is a great refresher and a motivator. No matter what type of mood I am in, being submerged into nature ALWAYS brings me back to the moment and helps me find myself. I become aware of what is around me, breathing in the crisp and natural air, hearing the sound of gravel beneath my feet. Finding a spot that is less urbanized may help with your emotions and listening to your body. It is up to you whether you want to hike alone or also bring someone along. Personally, it depends on my mood. As you probably know as well, hiking also does wonders for your physical body. It’s a definite win win. Next time you feel lazy and tired, ask yourself, “Am I really tired, or do I just feel lazy?” Lacing up your shoes to go on a peaceful and calming hike is never a bad idea.

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