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The Beauty of Each Moment

Do you ever experience a period of time where your world seems upside down? I know I definitely have. During these times, I feel so mentally exhausted and unmotivated to get myself out of that hole. Usually, I just sit in one place, sulking and feeling miserable over my unproductivity. You might feel tempted to stay in that unmoving state, but in reality, it will feel so much better to get up, no matter how hard it is at the moment. Go outside, go for a walk. As long as you get active, you will feel so much better.

Now, here’s the other point: sometimes, we let one bad moment (or day), ruin the following moments that proceed. I totally get this. However, know this: how we feel at any moment depends on our mindset and choices. We can choose to move forward from our emotions, or we can stay and suffer with it. It is our choice. Positive change is possible at any moment, as long as we want that change to happen.

Mental hardships are extremely difficult, and because they are more difficult to see, they often go unnoticed. I recognize those hardships. You are beautiful, strong, and capable of living a fulfilling and positive life. There is ALWAYS hope, I promise. As the new year approaches, try to have a positive outlook, but also know that all your feelings are valid. You got this!

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Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
26 ธ.ค. 2563

Such good insight. This gave me a new and fresh perspective on things, thank you!

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