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For those of us who are celebrating Thanksgiving this coming week and get a break from school, I hope you take the time to decompress and take care of yourself. You deserve time to rest and relax. You are working so hard. I am so proud of you. Take this time to connect with family and loved ones. Go watch a movie, play some board games! Instead of looking at your device for so long, do something else that you enjoy. Nowadays, I feel like we concentrate so much of our energy on screens that our energy gets absorbed into it. Get outside and absorb all the wonders that nature has to offer. Many of us take natural wonders for granted, so here is a reminder to make use of all them that are available. At the same time, make sure to follow regulatory safety guidelines:) Remember, the holidays are not about getting cheap sales and deals. The holiday spirit has somewhat diminished due to all the bombardments of retail advertisements. It’s one of the holiday activities, but it should not dominate what the holidays are about. Be grateful for all that you have, for being grateful increases your happiness. Each of us has something to be grateful for, I promise:)

If you have any work to complete, finish it now so you get time for yourself during break. Remember, procrastination might sound desirable, but it only makes us feel worse and worse the more we immerse ourselves into it.

I really hope you make use of this opportunity to take care of yourself and recharge. No car can run on an empty tank, and it is up to us to gas up.

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