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Happiness is your birthright

Smile, it free.

Smile, it looks good on you.

Smile, it’s your birth right.

Stay happy and you’ll see how easy it makes everything for you. When you see a storm of distress approaching, think of the one thing that will make you strong enough to fight it through. The one thing which you think is worth surviving for. Why be sad and cry over one reason when you can find 100 reasons around you to smile and be happy? It’s the best therapy you will ever need.

Happiness is a choice. It is always available. But if you act as if it is not then you begin to wish for it rather than accept it and express it. Joy and merriment can be found in the smallest of things. Watch a bud bloom and you’ll realize the immense pleasure it gives you to witness the beginning of a new life. Let a baby grab your finger with its whole hand. Doesn’t it feel worth it? Worth being happy for?

It is not bad to feel sad or stressed because of an issue. But it is also important for us to be sure that we won’t let them come in our of staying happy. Happiness is your birth right. It cannot be taken away from you.

~Swarnima Dalmia

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