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Rest Days

Why are rest days so important? Do you ever feel burnt out, exhausted to the point where doing anything at all is not favorable? That is when giving yourself the permission to rest and repair is necessary to become an even better version of yourself. Many of us, including myself, struggle to give ourselves that permission to simply do nothing. Why? It may be because doing nothing makes us feel guilty. It makes us feel like we are not productive. Contrary to our beliefs, giving ourselves rest is so crucial to being even more productive. It may be uncomfortable to in a sense, force ourselves to decompress with no expectations, but just like any habit, it will get easier.

Begin with, “I allow myself to do whatever my body feels like doing at the moment.” To be honest, I rarely ever sit and take the time to listen to my body. Observing ourselves in the moment allows us to do what is best. Sometimes, we may feel so motivated to get tasks done, and other days, we may prefer to lounge around the house and watch Netflix all day. Both are valid, as long as that is what YOU want to do. Just to give you an idea, sometimes I love to take long walks and be outside moving all day. When my body needs the rest, I love taking long showers at home, watching TV, napping, and journaling my thoughts with a cup of tea by my side. I hope this helps you out!

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