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Tips for High Schoolers

First days of school can be nerve wracking. Especially when you’re an incoming freshman. Even more so when you’re starting high school while a pandemic is going on! I’m going to be giving you some tips on how to make things a little easier for you.

1. Communication is key. Your teachers need to know when you’re struggling or if something is too easy for your skill level. It can be sometimes be scary to approach them, but I promise you’ll be better off for it.

2. Be yourself. Yeah, I know, this sounds like every parent right before you leave for school, but it’s honestly one of the most important things about high school. You’re going to be making friends and socialising, and it’s honestly an awful feeling to realise that you’ve been copying the ‘popular’ kids and losing sight of who you really are. Take it from me, because I’ve done just that.

3. Try to stay out of drama. Things can get super intense when teens have beef, and it’s a really bad idea to get involved. Stay neutral. If you choose a side — doesn’t matter which — the other side will be on you about it. Feelings get hurt in high school drama, so don’t let those feelings be yours.

4. Have something you can do to destress. Homework and social lives can be obnoxiously overwhelming, so it’s always good to have a hobby. Social media doesn’t count because it can be toxic and when you’re destressing, that’s exactly what you need to get away from. Maybe go for a run or hang out with friends. In short, doing something — anything — away from your devices.

5. Find someone or something you can vent to. A close, trusted friend. A journal. An app. A pillow to scream in. It’s unhealthy to bottle emotions, which is what a lot of teens do in order to save face with their classmates.

6. Get everything ready the night before. It may seem like a chore, but believe me, you’d like oversleeping and not being ready even less. This includes packing your backpack, getting things ready for your lunch if you take your own, and laying clothes out or at least deciding what look you’re going for in the morning. This way, if you snooze your alarm one too many times, everything is ready for you to pick up and roll.

7. Keep yourself organised. Especially in remote learning, having a designated and set up workspace will save you a lot of trouble. Make sure it’s somewhere you feel at ease. Planners are a life- and time-saver, so be sure to invest in one. It may be tempting to just set reminders on your phone, but having a planner you physically write in helps cement times and dates into your memory.

8. Remember to take regular breaks. Studies show that the brain ceases to maintain a consistent level of concentration after 50-90 minutes. Even just a five-to-ten minutes stretch and water break can make a huge difference. This also applies to online school. If you have time between classes, try to go outside for a couple minutes. Fresh air and sunshine are very conducive to a clear mind.

I believe that concludes this post. I hope it helps! Good luck to everyone starting high school or a new school or heading back to school, and reminder to stay safe and stay healthy.

Note: Lehar has already written some on this topic, so be sure to check out their post here to get some more academic/planning tips!

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Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
22 de ago. de 2020

I can not express enough how much I agree with number two! Always be yourself.

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