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Before I start something new I always get so anxious. Last year, before I started high school I was so nervous and clueless. As a sophomore, I can say there are many things I wish I knew before, to save you from that anxiety and stress I have gathered some tips just for you!

1. Folders

I can’t emphasize how much this saved my life! I used to gather all my tests, worksheets, and papers in an expanding file, so it was all in one place. This came in handy, when finals were just around the corner and I needed to revise… trust me half of my finals’ questions came off of old tests and worksheets and I scored really well!

2. Planning

As much as I would love to deny it, getting a good planner is such an investment! Planners help you plan doing your work in advance, and not forgetting what you have to do. My method for planning is writing my due dates in the monthly section, but writing what tasks I have to complete every day in the weekly section. So if I have an English assignment due for next week, I’d write it in the monthly section. However, since I’d like to start tomorrow I’d write it tomorrow in the weekly section, so basically the weekly section is like my to-do-list. Believe me, this method is my go-to way to planning in advance. Make sure to check that you have both sections: monthly and weekly, when buying your planner!

3. Notes

Everyone loves to live for/with their friends and classmates in high school, but it is super important to make your own notes and avoid waiting on others to send you notes. Making your own notes doesn’t only make you independent, but you will also be sure you haven’t missed out on anything. Your friend or classmate may skip writing certain topics since they already know about it which leads you to miss out on information. Notes also help you write using your own method which saves a lot of time and helps you understand better… a good way to make notes is by using the Cornell Method.

Fun fact: when writing notes you are actively learning, which lets you remember information before you even start to actually study it.

4. Extra snacks and money

There have been so many times, I’ve had to borrow money from a friend to buy a snack because I was really hungry. After a couple of times, I learnt my lesson, now I make sure to have money or maybe a pack of chips or cookies. This has honestly made life so much easier when I have free periods, or I’m hungry when switching classes. Just make sure not to eat during class though, haha!

5. Packing your bag the night before

I get so lazy the night before school and sometimes used to avoid packing my bag. I always thought I’d have enough time in the morning. But if you're an oversleeper like me, you’ll always end up oversleeping on the wrong day. Packing my bag in the night helped me avoid stressing out in the morning and also led me to never forget a book at home. As much as you don’t want to, always pack the night before; it will save you from getting kicked out of class and stressing early in the morning. I promise!

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