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YouTubers to Watch in Quarantine

I’ve recently gotten way more into YouTube -- probably because I have absolutely nothing else to do. I’ll click on a ten minute video from Jenna Marbles and then an hour later, I’ll be watching someone rescue a kitten from the snow! The YouTube hole is endless, and frankly, very addicting. Through my years of watching YouTube, I have found some very entertaining creators that have helped me to continue this addiction. I have something on the list for everyone -- so make sure to check it out!


If you’re at all into pottery or art, I recommend Jon’s channel. Each week, he makes videos to teach his audience his newest techniques. Even if you aren’t a pottery maker, his videos are very entertaining and his energy is contagious! I love admiring his artwork and getting to see the behind-the-scenes of his beautiful mugs. He also has an Etsy called Jonthepotter where he sells the mugs that he makes in the videos.

Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast’s YouTube would be best described as a giveaway channel. Multiple times a week, he uploads challenge videos featuring his close friends or even his subscribers. He goes to extreme lengths to make entertaining videos, and spends thousands of dollars in the process. Mr. Beast also has a gaming channel where he hosts challenges for his discord members. One of the most popular series on his gaming channel is the “$10,000” series, where he gives away $10,000 to the winner of each challenge.

Zane Hijazi

Zane Hijazi is part of David’s vlog squad. Most of his videos are just about his daily life, but with a humorous turn. He often features Heath Hussar, his best friend, and various other members of the vlog squad. Personally, my favorite videos of his are made with his sister, Hidaya Hijazi. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a YouTube channel yet, but if she did -- she would be on this list. I highly recommend Zane’s YouTube channel, his hilarious personality paired with his amazing jokes will make you double over in laughter.


Theodd1sOut is an animated YouTube channel led by James Rallison. His videos are usually funny recounts of odd moments in his life. All of his animations are well thought out and are always a fun addition to the stories that he tells. I really recommend watching his Sooubway series if you’re looking for something to do!


PewDiePie is probably one of the most unproblematic YouTubers. He steers clear from drama, while also managing to upload new content daily. All of his videos are incredibly enjoyable, and he has a wide variety of content for any watcher. Personally, I enjoy watching his LWIAY series, which is basically just a reaction video to memes sent to him from his subscribers.

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