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YOU are not ALONE:)

Hey QuaranTEENS! This is a positive message to all teens across the globe, as well as a message to anyone who may be going through tough times right now. Many call our generation the “depressed ones”, or the “lazy ones'', but in reality, we are no different from any other generation; We are all just lost souls, wandering the earth in pursuit of happiness and purpose in our lives. We all have a little spark of joy in our hearts, even after all the pain and suffering that we may have had to face. If you're going through something like depression, anxiety, or any other mental health struggles don't blame yourself for all the bad that has happened to you, instead try connecting to other people who are in the same situation.

Maybe you’ll find someone who is willing to learn your story and get to know you, and possibly make a new friend! Sometimes, all we need is a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold onto. But we often forget that two people stand stronger than just one alone. Being strong and positive depends purely on our mindset and the way we see the world through our lens. Happiness depends on how we think about the world around us, and the way we react to it and let it affect us. There will always be certain circumstances and situations that will make us question our self-worth, or make us think that we are wrong, but no matter what, always believe in yourself. Always know that there is light behind all the darkness that you are facing! We never know what tomorrow has in store for us, so don't lose hope, there are always better days ahead. While it’s not always the case, oftentimes forgiving people and letting go of grudges can help you let go of your pain.

Try not to worry about people who do not like you; you deserve to be with people who love and appreciate you. Surround yourself with positivity and people who you love, but most importantly, love yourself. Accept your flaws with open arms and love your imperfections. Don’t let anyone’s opinions or words define you and try to stay true to what you believe in, that’s what makes you who you are. Try to focus on the big picture instead of staying upset over the small insignificant things, and don't let impulsive decisions in your mind grow and numb your senses. No matter how heavy the storm, or how hard fight and struggle, you will survive through the storm, make it up there, and smile! Enjoy your time in Quarantine, and use your energy to try new things that you never had time to explore before.

I promise you: you are all going to do amazing things, and you all have an amazing path ahead of you. Many of us are also feeling lonely during this Quarantine, but try to reach out to people who make you happy and spend your time doing what you love. I am sure everyone reading this has a beautiful spirit inside and out, so please remember your worth and never waste a precious moment on someone who doesn’t respect your worth!

Stay positive!


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