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Why watching Gilmore Girls is an Autumn necessity

This autumn, we’ve had to focus on tons of different issues within our own lives. With that, I believe we can all agree that we have had little to no time for watching any sort of television show. However, if you’re able to fit any television show into your hectic schedule this autumn, Gilmore Girls is one to heavily consider.

Familial bonds

One of the biggest themes in Gilmore Girls is the bond between family and people who feel like family. The connections made by the people in this town are light-hearted and beautifully portrayed. It allows an audience to realize that family is not only found through bloodline.

The Romances

Let’s be real, a good majority of us get into the relationship vibe during autumn, however with everything happening it’s very difficult to achieve that. Gilmore Girls presents some of the most loving yet complicated relationships seen on television that will definitely fulfill your heart, but also make you scream at the T.V. when one of the characters makes a bad decision.

The Fashion

Lorelai and Rory, the leading characters, have an amazing sense of fashion that even I have taken into account when making my own outfit choices. The autumn attire in the show is a favorite of mine and is definitely iconic enough to portray in the present day.

Rory's work ethic

I always tend to watch Gilmore Girls during the fall because Rory, the leading character, has an AMAZING work ethic that can inspire just about anyone to stop procrastinating and get their assignments done. She is a great role model when it comes to academics and has definitely helped me get into the right mindset!

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