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In honor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking office today I decided to write a poem about the importance of voice.


A lone fish fighting the rush of a roaring wave,

The piercing wail of a newborn baby in a nursery,

The stench of a rotten banana in a trash can,

Voices can be masked by other influences.

Speaking does not equal being heard.

Sound does not equal being listened to.

A fish swims against the current,

Fighting against the tide

And pushing.

Fish are like people.

The slippery green tones of an eel,

A sly neighbor.

In a sea of people.

Different and unique

The ascent to the surface

Is possible.

But sometimes,

No matter how hard,

Or how loud people are

They still get swept up

Into the current,

And lost at sea.

Many people voice their opinions

Without truly being recognized.

Without truly being heard.

The omega, bottom of the crop.

Some people,

Don’t have a voice at all.

Silence kills.

Ideas and thoughts

And the very thing that makes people unique

Their voice.


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