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Two weeks Of Online Schooling

Schools opened somewhat and different students around the world are dealing with the pressure of having to balance their home life and school life at the same time. Not all of us have the privilege of a quiet room in our house or not having to worry about our responsibilities that come with being home all the time. While teachers are trying their best to support their students as well, everything is very uncertain and not ideal in any way. Me being a senior, I have been hit the hardest by the fact that I can’t spend my last year of high school with my friends. It’s extremely painful to think about how hard seniors have worked all their years and yet they might not get any activities, prom, or even graduation.

I have been even stressing about school itself, not knowing what to do in my classes now that everything is online and I can’t talk to my teachers face to face, but also feeling exhausted due to being in front of a screen for a long period of time. In the course of these two weeks, students have been forced to adapt to a whole new type of education. Unlike before when schools had closed down on March 13th, there were no expectations and grading was not as it is now. Throughout it all, everyone needs to be reminded of staying strong and doing their best. Online schooling might be here for a while depending on where you live, and so it is important to start learning how to deal with it. Seniors might have to spend their freshman year of college online as well. But let’s look at the positive side of things.

It’s important to look at the hopeful things in life to be reminded of why no one should give up. Take this as an opportunity to challenge yourself with new time management, new ways of handling your responsibilities, and staying on top of your work. Also be mindful to take breaks every once in a while and to put your mental health first. While school is important, it should not be one’s first priority. Make sure to check in with friends, see how they’re doing, and converse with them about your day. I found that taking breaks and sometimes having movie nights with my friends helped a lot in easing my stress, and in a way I’m making some great senior memories. As long as we remind ourselves to check our mental health and relax, we can all get through this. Do not give up. Now more than ever we need to stay hopeful and find the time to enjoy the things that we love to do. On that note, I hope everyone’s first two weeks of school have gone well and that the pressure of online schooling will ease soon.

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