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Two Alternate Ways To Help Our Environment <3

Let's be honest... we have all dreamt about Leonardo DiCaprio, had his face plastered on our sixth-grade binder, and tracked his location for a solid two months. Definitely not just me... Anyway, this post isn't really about sweet Leo, it's about what he stands for! If you want to get closer to making an average of 22 million dollars annually, like Leo, (and win an Oscar obscenely later than imagined), listen up. The following is a list of ways on how you can become a better guest on this planet and get a slight bit closer to having the famous DiCaprio energy.

We have all heard about picking up litter, carpooling, biking, becoming a vegetarian, using reuseable utensils and the list goes on. These methods are AMAZING but can be really hard to commit to, since most of them are huge lifestyle changes. So here are some fun, but still extremely helpful, alternatives!

Disclaimer: Don't feel scared and paranoid about the future of our planet. We can change it! We are the generation that has the power needed to make our planet a better place :) You honestly should feel proud of yourself for reading this and caring about the future of OUR planet. Start small, aim big! We can do it!

1. Get the extension ~ ECOSIA

At this point, we have all probably had an Ecosia Ad pop up, an ad that we all actively skip. I mean, honestly, who wants to watch an Ad that can cause a panic attack because of it's scary statistics about how damaged our planet is... I definitely don't! But installing this extension can do so much good, and it does it in such an easy and simple way! It's an extension, just like Google, where you can search the same concerning questions like, "Is crying in the dark at 3 am good for your eyes?" or "What are jellyfish fossils called", you know, normal questions that everyone's wondering. Ecosia donates 80% of profits to non-profit organizations that focus on deforestation and conservationism, and they plant a tree for every search made on the app!

If you are scared that Ecosia is a scam, don't worry- it's not! Ecosia actually uses it's profits to give back, and they also release their data on it to prove it. Help our planet. DO IT. I have linked a researched video on it.

Imagine the huge difference that you can make with just a simple click. I really wish all schools would make this the default browser, that, my sir, would be HUGE!

Below, I have linked a video made by a normal user who researched Ecosia and its "legitness." It's really interesting and so much fun to watch.

2. Listen to the clean version of Earth by Lil Dicky

"Earth" by Lil Dicky:

Honestly, this is a really fun way to give back to the planet! The video has amazing graphics (for all my artists out there) and it's hilarious (Also the biggest reason to click the link is to see animated Leo, click it for him!) All the money that the video makes through Ad Revenue goes to Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation, which funds a lot of different projects for marine life, as well as the Earth in general. You can read about his foundation here:

To generate more money for this foundation, you can put the video on in the background and let it play while doing your own work. And if that's too distracting, you can also just loop it, and play the video all day on mute.

Pro Tip For Looping A Video: I don't know if there is an easier way, but personally, I just add the Youtube video to a new playlist two times, and then loop that playlist!

After you do that, you can feel good about yourself and sleep a little better because you just helped our planet Earth!

Here is a link for a video from another amazing creator, Levi Hildebrand, who researched the impact of the song, "Earth" by Lil Dicky and explains why it's significant and how watching this video can actually help the Earth. I love this creator very much- it's very easy to binge-watch his videos at 1 am. He has a lot of great content, about both the environment and just life in general, and I definitely urge you to watch!

This is our only home and it deserves our love. We take it for granted far too often, and we all can do better. I really want to be able to show the future generations the beauty that our planet holds. I want them to see the sky at night, not covered with air pollution, but with stars. A copious amount of stars that would be impossible to count. I know we can do it, my guys! <3

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