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Travel to the Philippines!

As the COVID-19 Vaccine is being put into effect, I wanted to share a great travel destination that you can look forward to after quarantine is over. Located in Southeast Asia on the western side of the Pacific Ocean lies a composite of around 7640 islands of which form the country--Philippines. Officially titled the Republic of the Philippines, the country is one of the best tropical travel destinations in the world.

Budget Friendly

The cost of living in the PH (Philippines) is around 40% less than the USA. Luxury Hotels can cost around $110/Night, in comparison to the hundreds of dollars charged per night in the USA for the same type of service. A cheap local hotel that isn’t fancy can cost you as low as $6/Night, with normal hotels/motels averaging at $10-40/Night. A normal sized meal from an inexpensive restaurant (which is easy to find wherever you go in the PH) can cost you $2-3. This goes for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Below are a few general travel prices from Nomadic Matt.

  • Public ferry ride: $4–6 USD per ride

  • Jeepney ride: 20–50 cents

  • Street food: $1–3 USD

  • Long-distance bus: $8–10 USD

  • Domestic flight: $40–70 USD

  • Local beer: $1–2 USD

  • 1.5L bottle of water: 75 cents

  • Island-hopping: $14–25 USD

  • Diving with whale sharks: $25 USD

Tropical Environment

As mentioned earlier, the Philippines is a tropical country. It’s practically summer all year long. The average temperature year round is 70 °F to 90 °F. Combined with the heavy humidity, being outside feels like the purity of summer weather.


Filipinos are often very friendly and welcoming to each other and foreigners. Whenever families have visitors, they usually hold celebrations and are willing to provide considerate accommodation. Foreigners who have visited the Philippines can often account for the hospitality they feel when travelling in the Philippines.

Beaches and Nature Destinations

The Philippines is also famously known for its beaches and exquisite natural beauty. The following photos are all of common tourist destinations.

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1 Comment

Jan 05, 2021

I'm from the Philippines and I miss it so much </3

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