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Top 5 Best Lesser-Known Artists

During quarantine, music has become my new muse. I have YouTube music playing most hours of the day, and I’m always on a quest to add new songs to my ever-growing playlist! And trust me, when I say ever-growing, I really mean it. This playlist has been in the works since the start of high school, and it’s gone through many different phases. Today, I’m going to share five of my favorite lesser-known artists with you in the hopes that you enjoy them just as much as I do!

1. Quinn XCII

With just over 8 million monthly Spotify listeners, Quinn XCII stands at the top of my list. All of his songs are incredibly catchy and mostly consist of a combination of lite pop, electronic, and trap. He has songs for just about any occasion, with Winnebago being my personal favorite for long car rides. Since the start of quarantine, he has already released a new album! If you’re ever in a bad mood, don’t hesitate to blast Quinn’s newest hits -- they will cheer you up for sure.

2. AJR

I was actually quite surprised to see that AJR only has around 7 million monthly Spotify listeners. Adam, Jack, and Ryan are the three brothers that make up the band members of AJR. A lot of their music falls into the electronic / techno-pop side of music, however they also have some hit songs like I’m Not Famous and Don’t Throw Out My Legos that are less heavy on the computerized instruments. All of them are extremely talented, and their voices complement each other beautifully. Some of my favorite songs from them include Bang!, Burn The House Down, 100 Bad Days, and Next Up Forever.

3. Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion, hiphop singer / rapper, is most known for his single All Time Low. This is the very first song I heard from him, and immediately fell in love with his voice. This song truly demonstrates the range of his vocal cords, and the abilities of his talent. The vibe of his music is very similar to AJR in that he also includes some cool electronic-type additions into his songs. I suggest listening to Guillotine and Morning In America if you want to be hooked in right away!

4. Oliver Tree

Oliver’s music would be best described as borderless. He isn’t afraid to experiment with his music and create some funky but catchy new beats. Alien Boy was the very first song that I listened to, and to be completely honest, I only added it to my playlist because of the chorus. It has one of THE MOST interesting choruses that at times seems almost unfitting to the actual song. Long story short, Alien Boy, along with Hurt and Let Me Down are now some of my most-listened to songs.

5. Soyybean

Despite their incredible talent, this artist only has 1,813 monthly Spotify listeners! Soyybean is actually a Gunn High School graduate that started his professional music career in 2018. He has already released several electro-pop songs that will definitely appeal to any listener. Some of my personal favorites from Soyybean include LOST HER (one of his very first releases) and Right for You (a more recent song). I really encourage you to go check them out and watch their creative music videos on YouTube.

This concludes my list of Top 5 Best Lesser-Known Artists. I hope you found this helpful and are able to add some more great music to your playlist!

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River N.
River N.
14 juli 2020

i discovered quinn xcii a couple days ago and got hooked! i especially love 'stacy' and 'am i high rn' <3

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