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Top 3 Favorite BookTubers

I’ve always been a passionate reader. I love books, stories, poems, basically anything with words and a spine! But at some point in middle school, I began to hate reading because we were ALWAYS forced to read books for novel studies or because the teacher “enjoyed it so much.” It was only in high school when I stumbled upon BookTube and I am forever grateful for discovering it. I’ve rediscovered my love and interest for books and stories and have now read about 30+ books this year! I would really like to share my top three favorite BookTubers as a way of showing my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the content they post.

A Clockwork Reader

This channel is what originally threw me down the rabbit hole of BookTube. Hannah Azerang (her name) has helped me re-discover my love for reading by showing and reviewing books out of my comfort zone like fantasy and historical fiction novels. Our reading tastes align right up and her personality gives me awesome vibes. She also really encourages her viewers to read diverse novels such as own voice novels to better shape up our knowledge and perspective and I really appreciate that. Her voice gives off a nice calming effect which creates a nice ambience for her channel, creating a very positive atmosphere. Overall, she is the perfect booktuber to start watching if you’re new!

Hailey in Bookland

There is just something about Hailey that immediately draws me in. I don’t know if it’s her amazing sense of humor or the way she creatively makes book challenges, she is a must-watch booktuber! I love how entertaining her videos can be and I also love how vulnerable and real she is with her viewers. She brings a lot of topics to light like Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ recs, mental health stigmas, etc. She is super articulate and well-spoken which makes her book reviews all the more beautiful and satisfying to watch. She is also one of very few Canadian booktubers which makes me really proud as a fellow Canadian!


This is a booktuber that I have recently started to watch and absolutely fell in love with! Jananie is probably the only Tamil booktuber I have ever come across which makes me feel represented as fellow Tamilan. But, as a booktuber, there are so many good things about her channel that will make you want to watch all of her videos! Her content is very entertaining, as she incorporates fashion and makeup into her bookish videos too. She is super articulate with her words which her book reviews fantastic to watch. Even though her book tastes are very different from mine, I always keep adding books to my endless list from her channel because she gets me so excited about certain books at times!

If you aren’t into reading, I recommend you start watching or getting into BookTube. It might help reignite the love you once had for reading but had faded away through school or college. Besides, books are portals of knowledge that you can access from the comfort of your home and knowledge is nothing but power. Always keep that in mind. Happy Reading!

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Juana Bouck
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