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Tips to Starting the 2020/21 School Year Right!

For most students around the world, starting the year with online school is a new reality. This can be a challenge for so many students as they may find it hard to focus, communicate, and even learn. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful as you approach your school year:

1- Be patient with yourself!

- Times like these can be so frustrating and if you are having a hard time with learning online, it is understandable! Try to understand this when dealing with everyday online school struggles!

2- Communicate with others!

- Teachers: Reach out to your teachers if you are having a hard time with learning, see if there are ways that they can help you!

- Classmates/ Friends: Fellow classmates can be a great resource and can help you navigate the challenges of online school

- Its okay to ask for help! It is hard for anyone to manage these times; it is okay if you are having a hard time and need to ask for help!

3- Try to stay organized!

- It can be very hard these days to keep your room clean, let alone keep trach of assignments! Try to do your best to keep a clean area where you can work and try to organize your workload before it starts to pile up!

4- Create a workspace for yourself!

- With online school, it can be so tempting to stay in bed all day long while casually listening to lectures. However, this may not be the best tactic for school. Try to set up a table where you can work to increase your focus.

5- Take breaks when you can!

- Even though you still may be required to attend 7 hours of schooling, taking mind- breaks are necessary for most!

- Even if this is after school is over, take some relaxation time for yourself, you deserve it!

6- Get ready some days!

- Staying home all day, a lot of us don’t see a reason not to stay in our pajamas all day. Although they are comfy and easier, sometimes it can help you throughout the day by simply getting ready in the morning as you would for a typical school day.

7- Eat breakfast (and lunch)!

- Despite staying inside for school, your brain still needs nutrients to carry you through a school day! You deserve to nourish your body and mind for school, as the same applies for online school!

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1 Comment

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Aug 24, 2020

Yes, these are all so important!

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