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TikTok Snack: Bell Peppers and Cream Cheese

So if you did not know this, TikTok is famous for creating food trends and coming up with new snacks. One popular trend is bell peppers and cream cheese! The trend/recipe is to cut a bell pepper open and put cream cheese on the inside! People put other toppings as well, but that is just the bare minimum. Below you will find a recipe to make it yourself, as well as some additional toppings you might want to try. Try it!


Bell peppers (red or green)

Cream Cheese

Any toppings you might like! (list below)


First, wash and cut your bell peppers. You can cut them into slivers, chunks, or quarters. Then take your cream cheese out and slather it on the surface of the pepper. You can now add anything else. Also feel free to do this with any vegetable, it is pretty customizable. Enjoy :)

List of additional toppings: pepperoni, everything bagel seasoning, salt & pepper, deli meat, nutritional yeast, hot cheetos, french fried onions, furikake seasoning, garlic powder

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