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Three TED Talks You Need To Watch

Updated: May 27, 2020

During quarantine, I've had a bunch of free time to binge science, cooking, and TED Talk videos at 4 am, even if it isn't the best for my sleep schedule. It has helped me compile what I considered to be a great list of TED Talks.

1. The Science Of Cells That Never Get Old by Elizabeth Blackburn

If you like science and love the idea of immortality, then this is definitely worth a watch. When I was younger, I always wondered if being immortal was a possibility. This TED Talk gave me the answer and helped me realize the importance of things we already know. The secret of living longer is known to most but this video helps quantify and provide actual evidence on how to increase your life span on a molecular level.

2. How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins

This is a self-help kind of TED Talk and, like me, you might be tired of these because it seems like these people have their life all figured out, but this one isn't like that. She talks realistically and gives you a reality check!! This TedTalk is worth watching more than once. Click the link in 5 seconds (This demand will make more sense if you watch the TedTalk!! :) )

3. The First 20 Hours -- How To Learn Anything by Josh Kaufman

The last TED Talk is in the motivational category, and it is for the peeps who want to learn something new but don't think they have enough time. I'm in the same boat; I want to learn so many things like playing guitar, writing Hindi, and painting murals, but I always use the excuse of not having time. This video made me start doing it instantly, so I would highly recommend it!

Watch the full TED Talk:

I hope you enjoy these three TED Talks! Even if these TED Talks might not be life-changing for you, at least now you know how cool Pond Scum are! :)

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