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The truth about 365 Days

According to me, 365 Days, the number one trending movie on Netflix, is a free soft porn movie on a platform which is watched by millions of people. It normalises human trafficking and sexual assault/harassment and makes it look kinky and fun, which it is completely not. The movie is based on the central idea of the male lead imprisoning the female lead, Laura, for a year in order for her to fall in love with him — because apparently that is how love works. Ironic that women being imprisoned at home due to arranged marriages in no way results in falling in love.

But moving aside the delusional plot, the movie is a basic stereotypical sexist cliche, considering it’s depicting an abusive relationship where a powerful mafia drugs and kidnaps a woman and then has a complete change of heart sometime and showers her with gifts. And guess what? Girls are always connected with mood swings. Ironic. It is like those basic mafia boss ”romantic” movies where the man is ultimately a controlling freak, dominant and emotionally repressed, and the woman is portrayed as a vulnerable, naive, submissive person. If thought in extremes, it is astoundingly misogynistic.

The lack of consent in this entire move is kind of basically the entire point. What’s appalling is that it’s written and co-directed by a woman herself. It literally shows how all power is taken away from the hands of a woman into those of a misogynistic man. These type of erotic “romance” movies just take the reality, twist it in the favour of making the movie a blockbuster, and make it look exciting and sexy. I mean.... you think you’re simping over the hot Italian mafia boss when you’re actually simping over non consensual acts of sex.

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