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The Importance of Socializing

I know it’s been said numerous times during this pandemic but socializing in the minimal ways we can is incredibly important. Whether that be through Zoom or Facetime, human interaction is something we all need and depend on.

At the start of the pandemic, I was relieved that I would have a break from being around people all the time, as I am more of an introvert and socializing drains me, but now I miss interacting face to face and actually being near my friends.

I reach out to my close friends all the time and I make sure I check in with them at least once every week but I personally don’t feel like it’s enough. Sometimes I virtually watch movies with another but those only happen once or twice a month and yet again the longingness for something more is still there.

Recently I went on a 3 hour call with one of my best friends and we watched a movie together and it made me realize how much I miss hearing my friends’ voices. I’ve been communicating a lot through text and those blue iMessage bubbles are incomparable to hearing the actual tone and genuine laughter I heard when I spoke to my friend. And this is coming from someone who regularly prefers texts over calls.

It made me really emotional and happy but at the same time sad because I haven’t had this type of interaction in quite some time. I didn’t know how much I craved socialization, and how much it actually affected my mood.

So the main takeaway from this is to please reach out to people. Even though we aren’t able to be near them, the concept of just greeting someone and asking them how they are can make their day. We all need someone to confide in so we shouldn’t stop talking to people, especially during this time. Call someone and tell them you miss them, or send someone something funny to start a conversation, no action is too small.

With that said, please have a great rest of your week and stay safe!

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