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Team Bezzie Mentor Program

“While meeting a student or child once or twice a month may not seem like a huge impact, mentors are creating positive change in the lives of their students. Mentors become someone that youth look up to and trust; and youth may see their own dreams in their mentor. Being a mentor is a rewarding experience that allows us to be the person our younger selves needed” (

Since we have started being in quarantine, it has often been a confusing time as children cannot see their friends or their extended family in normal conditions. To combat this, Anu Prasad and Anjali Gullapally have created Team Bezzie to help children from grades Kindergarten to 6th grade who need a friend during this time, need help gaining confidence, or need a tutor. This program is perfect for parents who are working or need something productive for their kids to do. This organization is run by the most friendly and intelligent teens from all over the nation and even some international countries!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do the kids and their mentors do during a session?

  • During a session, the kids and their mentors have the options of watching movies, storytelling, homework help, word games, drawing, and other various games. 

2. How long do these sessions last a day and how many days will these sessions last?

  • These sessions will last 30 minutes a day over video call and these sessions will last over a 15 day period. After the 15 days are up, the parents and children can come back either requesting a new mentor or the same mentor. 

3. What are the safety protocols? 

  • Physical safety is definitely a priority in this program and they have to accept all volunteers through a strict application. After they have to go through a mandatory orientation with the creators of the program and they each fill out a form to make sure the volunteer and the student are the perfect fit for each other. The mentors and parents will also remain in close contact. 

4. What other fun resources does Team Bezzie offer?

  • If your child loves music, they have multiple Spotify playlists to play with your child at home or during the lesson. These are made to motivate your child and find a common thing that both the child and mentor enjoy!

5. How old are the mentors?

  • The mentors are in 8th grade and above!

6. Is this program free?

  • Yes! This program is free and is a student-run nonprofit. 

7. Why should my child have a mentor?

  • Having a mentor can be a very positive experience for your child. From this children can gain confidence while talking to others, have a higher self esteem, and have someone to look up to while achieving their goals.

8. What does “Bezzie” mean?

  • “Bezzie” is British slang for best friend!

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Twitter: @teambezzie

Tik Tok: @teambezzie

Instagram: @teambezzie

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