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Summer Social Distancing Activities to do with Friends

I don’t know about you guys, but my state has upped the regulations regarding social distancing a lot in the past few weeks. It’s definitely been difficult to not be able to do much with my friends, which is why I brainstormed some ways you can still hang out and have fun while staying safe.

1. Have an outdoor sleepover

It’s always fun to have a sleepover with friends! And since it’s summer for my fellow teens in the western hemisphere, it might be a perfect temperature for sleeping outdoors! There are some other benefits: being outside can carry away nail polish fumes if you decide to paint your nails, and unless you have stickler neighbours you can be a bit louder than you could indoors with family members potentially wanting to sleep.

2. Have a picnic

I haven’t checked what the policies are for parks in my area, but you could honestly do this anywhere outside and have pretty much the same result. If one of your friends has a big porch or backyard, you could have it there. Pack your snacks, take a picnic blanket, and set up at a safe distance from one another. The great outdoors, good food, and friends — what could be better?

3. Have a water [balloon] fight

Summer is a great time to do anything with water if the weather permits! Grab some water balloons or squirt guns, fill ‘em up, and have a blast. Not a great activity if someone’s parents want them to wear masks all the time, since poor aim could make it a bit more difficult to breathe through wet material. It also ensures less cheating, since you’re not as likely to run up to a friend and smash a water balloon on their head (I hope).

4. Go on a bike ride

If you have some good trails near you, riding your bike in a small group is a super fun way to hang out with friends and get exercise. Honestly, even if you don’t have trails, you can ride around the neighbourhood or maybe between your friends’ houses. If your parents are fine with you going to the store, you could tuck a mask in your pocket and ride down to the store to pick up snacks and then complete activity #2.

5. Go fishing/swimming/paddle-boarding/kayaking

Like I said, anything to do with water in the summer is awesome. Pools are open, at least where I am, but that’s probably not the best choice at this time. If you have rivers, lakes, ponds, or oceans near you — use them! You can plan a “beach day” even if the nearest body of water isn’t an ocean; take a bag, some beach towels or blankets, and snacks, and you’ve got yourself a fun day by the water. You could even take your dog(s).

It’s hard to believe, but summer’s halfway over! It’s time to up our game and make the best of it despite COVID. Stay safe and stay healthy! 💛

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