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Subliminal Music: Messages to The Subconscious Mind

I was scrolling through Youtube the other day and came across multiple videos about people's experience with subliminal's. They either wanted to lose weight, grow their hair, or change their eye color by listening to subliminal's on Youtube, which are basically just "messages" in the form of sounds that deliver subconscious messages to the listener. The video sends specific secret messages to your brain for your body to follow the command. People generally listen to it as background noise or when they go to sleep. I was very fascinated with this concept and whether it actually worked so I decided to find out more about it, and I learned that if used improperly, they could actually do a lot of harm and become extremely dangerous.

Subliminal's sends extremely powerful messages to your brain that could rewire it without you even being aware of it. Some videos could also be purposely mislabeled convincing viewers that they are listening to a subliminal that is supposed to create positive energy, but is actually doing the opposite. These could be very dangerous, but if you do decide to try Subliminal's, here are some steps to do it safely:

  1. Do your research! Watch videos about people's experiences, read articles, find the correct videos to match what you are looking for, and make sure it is the real message.

  2. Begin with a less intense subliminal and slowly transition every week.

  3. Listen at a low volume with or without headphones because the messages could be too intense without you even realizing until later.

I am not a trained expert on subliminal's but I have listened to many before and these are the steps I learned to do!

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