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Stay strong

Sometimes the world will turn out to be a cruel thing. It will judge you at every

step you take. If you take one step forward people will question why you didn’t

take one more? Take two steps back and they will ask why not one less? There

are many who will try to break your courage, tear your soul. Do not let that


You need to remember that you are ten times stronger than you can ever

know. Adjusting yourself to others’ expectations won't help. You need to be

the one standing out in a crowd. Consider yourself to be the best of your

potential and no one else will matter. You have a chance of deserving better

than what you might get. Don’t let that thought of getting less come in your

way of doing something great. Just don’t give up.

Every successful person had their own means of reaching the stage where they

are now. The only thing they did that was common was that no matter how

many times they failed they didn’t stop. They worked harder. Shoved down all

impossibilities. Made the critics their best supporters. All that mattered to

them was that they were satisfied by how much they worked and not by what

others had to say about them. You got to think this way too.

Always be confident about yourself and your goals. Be firm on what grounds

you stand on and make sure that the dreams you worked for are worth it.

Know where your priorities lie and how much you wish for them to remain

your priorities. Till your last breath spread a clear message to everyone that no

one is going to find it easy to break you. Believe in yourself that you won’t get

weak and you will notice how easy it makes the future for you. Be aware of

what you are fighting day and night for and be sure that that is what you have

always wanted or not.

Always keep the courage alive cause you got to remain strong till your soul

decides to leave…

~Swarnima Dalmia

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