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Spreading Love

Hey guys! One thing about me is that I often struggle in telling people I love them in person. I kind of just back out, question myself, word vomit, or all of the above. It kind of sucks that I'm not good at that, but I've figured out a couple of ways that I can let people know I love them and that I'm super grateful that they're in my life. In this blog post, I'm going to be sharing a couple of ways that you guys can use to tell someone you love them :)

1) Write letters!

So this does sound really old school, but trust me it's a really sweet and intimate way of communication. Also, writing letters doesn't necessarily mean writing a whole monologue on love, but it could be literally anything! I remember once I wrote a list of dad jokes to my friend and she had it framed and its up on her wall! So trust me, letters could be about literally anything and can still be a super sweet form of communication :)

2) Food

I'm not sure if its just me, but I find giving and sharing food really affectionate! I've always associated love with food. Love is a mom making food for you when you're sick, love is cheering up a friend with some ice cream or just casually vibing over some pizza! Either food is the language of love ... or I'm just always hungry.

3) Playlists

Okay... is it just me, or does music speak volumes? Make playlists and send them to your special buddies!! Fill them with songs that remind you of them, songs that describe your friendships, songs that you guys have history with, or just songs that you both hardcore vibe to! You can send them a link to your playlist, or even upload them onto a CD and send it to them old-school.

4) Photo Albums

Make a scrapbook: a collage or a complete book with some memories in them for you and your buddy to go through together, or for her to have something to hold on to when you you guys aren't together. Keep adding memories as time passes! You could mail it to them, drop it off at their house, or wait until quarantine is over to be able to give it to them personally.

And that is all for now, buddies! Hope you guys use these ideas, personalise them, and spread love to everyone who is special to you. Take care my guys :)

Until next time,


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