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Some Relaxing, Almost Ethereal Songs

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

School, work, volunteering, sports- these activities and more can become a bit overwhelming at times. Sometimes, it feels nice just to wind down and take a few moments to relax and reflect. The following songs, which are in no particular order, will help you do just that:


1. “I Lost Something in the Hills” by Sybille Baier

This song is quite unique in that it was originally recorded in the 1970’s and later released in an album by the singer’s son in 2006! With its dark and haunting yet beautiful quality, I highly recommend checking out “I Lost Something in the Hills” and other songs from the album.

2. “Lighthouse” by Patrick Watson

I really like the song because it starts off with a more melodious tune and towards the end it becomes more upbeat with trumpets, drums, lively piano. Yet, despite the change in the tune of the song, it maintains a very calming nature overall.

3. “Cry Me a River” by Julie London

This one is an older song from the ’50s sung by the very talented Julie London. “Cry Me a River” is carried by her mesmerizing and yet powerful voice and is definitely worth a listen.

4.“Chateau” by djo

djo? Who is that? Well, you have probably heard of Joe Keery AKA Steve Harrington from Stranger Things! The talented actor released this song in 2019 and, through this song and others like “Roddy”, has established himself as a gifted singer as well.

5. “Butterfly’s Repose” by Zabawa

TikTok users may recognize this beautiful song by the up and coming artist Zabawa. The singer’s melodious and almost celestial voice makes this a very calming song to listen to.

6. “Il cielo in una stanza” by Gino Paoli

This amazing song differs from the rest on this list because it is an Italian song. The legendary singer/songwriter created a song that makes you feel like you're somewhere in Italy, having a wonderfully relaxing time. Also, if you like this song, be sure to check out Paoli’s “Senza Fine” as well!

7. “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” from the La la Land soundtrack

“Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” is a brilliant song from an equally brilliant movie, La La Land. The melody from the piano is emotional, expressive, nostalgic, and so much more. Although it is a relatively short piece, I would definitely recommend checking it out!


Thanks for reading!

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