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A few weeks back, I got involved with an amazing program called “Simple Studies”. Initially, I discovered them through Instagram, then I began doing a little bit more research. Turns out Simple Studies was just what I needed at the time! Simple Studies is a program run entirely by high school students throughout the world. Simple Studies offers study guides for AP classes, core classes, electives and IB courses. In addition, they offer a Study Buddy Program and a blog!

(Access the site here:

Since QuaranTEEN’s audience is mostly made up of teenagers and those entering college, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share an amazing resource. Lets dive deeper:

How did Simple Studies Start + Founder

As Sarah Frank, president and founder of Simple Studies, began remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she recognized the outburst in education equity. Education equity is the lack of equal educational opportunities across all students. What did Sarah do about it? She created Simple Studies! Since then, her team has grown tremendously and has helped a wide range of people.

Simple Studies President, Sarah Frank: “I would recommend Simple Studies to anyone who needs help in school! It’s free and accessible and made by fellow students. It’s easy to navigate, download, and understand.”

Study Guides

In order to access Simple Studies study guides visit All guides are created by high school students and are ENTIRELY free! There are study guides ranging from all subjects and they even offer electives. The study guides are updated weekly.

Study Buddy Program

Do you ever need a little push to complete that essay you have been prolonging for a week, or are you stuck on a topic in a class? Well, Simple Studies has a solution for you! Fill out the Study Buddy form to create a new friend who is enrolled in the same class as you’re. You can offer one another advice, share material, and study together. I have a study buddy and it is very effective.


The Simple Studies blog is filled with articles created by high school students who offer advice and personal experience about high school and college applications. Immerse into others stories and see if you can benefit from them in any way! Access the blog here:

Feedback From Users

The website is really easy to navigate through since it's organized by categories. Everything is placed where it should be and I think that makes it easy for everyone to locate what study guides they want to access or what article they want to read.” (Jukie, a Graphic Designer at Simple Studies)

“I was honestly starting to fail Calculus BC because I took a gap year between math classes but using the study guides genuinely helped me out so much! I've been passing all my tests and quizzes now due to how easy the website is to use and navigate. I think the work environment is really laid back and understanding that everyone has a lot going on in their lives. I'd definitely recommend this website to others, which I already have, so we're all succeeding together!” (Brianna)

“I used the Calculus BC study guide because I couldn’t understand how the formulas worked and I couldn’t keep track of all of them in my math class. It’s helpful because the explanations in there are easy to understand. The website is pretty easy to navigate since you can find all the study guides from the homepage. The work environment is friendly.” (Emily Tran, a Web Manager at Simple Studies)

Sign up to become a part of the Simple Studies team, there are roles for everyone!

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