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Sibling Bonding!

Do your kids need something to occupy themselves? Do they not spend much time together? Luckily, the holidays are right around the corner, which means there are plenty of activities they can do together! Personally, my sister and I found a good show to watch, called the Vampire Diaries. She convinced me to watch it after months of saying I wouldn’t, and now whenever we have free time I go into her room, with hot cocoa and a fuzzy blanket, and we watch it together until it’s time for us to sleep. Most siblings, having been cooped up in the house together for the past 8 months, have surely had a few disputes, but work it out in the following days. One way for them to bond is to find a good show to watch on Netflix. The experience of watching something together and going through all of the emotions a TV-show brings about through its characters is a great way to form a friendship. Another way to bond with siblings would be to do crafts with them. This provides a great way for kids to take everything else off of their mind and just focus on what’s right in front of them. Coloring, sketching, bedazzling, cutting, making bracelets, and so much more are great ways for siblings to connect. Bringing out someone’s creative side naturally makes them feel more at ease and more likely to express happier emotions. Another opportunity for siblings to bond is through exercising together. Although it may seem a little odd, exercising is a great way to clear the mind, and being siblings, they will more than likely become competitive and push each other to do more, which leads them to spend more time together. It also serves as a fantastic way for the kids to release built-up energy from throughout the day and will ensure they are tired by the time they need to go to sleep. One more way siblings could bond is through finding a book to read together. It has the same effect as watching a TV show, which means getting attached to characters and seeing their development over time. This is also beneficial to parents trying to get their kids to read more and results in everyone being happy with the decision to read a book together! These are only a few of the ways siblings can become closer and further develop their relationship and there are plenty more out there!

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1 Comment

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Nov 21, 2020

Lovely ideas!

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