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Should "Mulan" be boycotted?

This month, Disney released their latest live action; “Mulan,” one of the most popular

Disney films, was created into a live action. Many fans were excited for the movie and the representation of people of color in a movie; however, after watching the movie, they were left disappointed and anguished. People discovered that the “Mulan” was filmed in Xinjiang, China, where Uyghur Muslims are currently being tortured, murdered, and humiliated. Additionally, the lead actress, Liu Yifei, stated in a Tweet that she was in support of the Hong Kong police, and against the human rights protests in Hong Kong. With these main controversies arising, many activists are promoting the boycotting of this movie, that can potentially do harm to the people affected in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, where the lives of humans are being destroyed and excused. Do you think “Mulan” should be banned and boycotted? Or do you think that it can be excused because it is just a film?

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