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Senior Trip Ideas

Our 2020 summer plans may have been cancelled, but that just gives us all the more reason to start planning for next year! I’m actually a rising senior, which means that I will be graduating next year. It also means that I will only have one final summer with my best friends before we all go off to college. We’ve been planning this summer for years, coming up with all kinds of different options. Of course, we’re probably only going to end up choosing one, but these ideas might help you and your friends plan your own senior trip! Keep in mind, a senior trip doesn’t have to be very expensive or long. It can be something as simple as camping in someone’s backyard! With that being said… let’s get into it!


As mentioned before, a senior trip doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive. As long as some of your friends have tents you can pitch for the night, you’re good to go! Even if they don’t, you could all gather at someone’s house and stay the night in their backyard. That way, you can spend the night under the stars in a setting that’s not so dangerous without a tent. If you want to be a little bit more adventurous, you could plan a camping trip to a nearby National Park. They often have campsites with bathrooms, and also some gorgeous landmarks.

State Road Trip

If camping doesn’t sound too exciting to you, you could always go on a state-wide road trip. I like this idea a lot, because I only know what my part of the state looks like. Depending on which state you live in, you could do a coastal trip (where you drive along the coast and stop at various beaches), or you could try to map out all of the state landmarks and visit them one-by-one.

U.S.A. (or other country) Road Trip

To take it a step further, you could go on a U.S.A. road trip! If you want to spend a longer amount of time with your friends, or if you find your state boring, I think a U.S.A. road trip is a great idea!

Explore Other Countries

This is probably the most expensive senior trip idea, but it could be a lot of fun! You and your friends could plan a trip to Paris to climb the Eiffel tower. If one country isn’t enough, you could plan to visit all of them! This idea is borderless and really just depends on the interests of you and your friend group. You will be spending a lot of time together while travelling or while in your hotel rooms, so this will definitely be a good time!


Last but not least, you and your friends could stay in an Airbnb. This is somewhat similar to camping in that it doesn’t have to be very expensive or even for a very long time. However, it can also be very versatile in that you get to choose where you book the Airbnb! Personally, I would want to be somewhere near a lake so that we could go kayaking and swimming whenever we wanted to. But again, the location should depend on the interests of you and your friend group!

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