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Relationships during Coronavirus

Credits: Nathan McBride

Relationships during coronavirus are something we’ve never had to deal with before. Being in a house or apartment with your significant other can sometimes be more like being in a prison. Many of us have never had to be alone with ourselves for such a long period of time. Pushing us to the extreme, even more, is having to get accustomed to someone else for this period as well. It is the beginning of a new era. It may be one of the most difficult periods to adjust to.

On the other hand, being away from our partners for so long is also a strain on the relationship. The bonds we are building virtually are strong, but can they survive after this pandemic? Teens worldwide are facing problems in their relationships. Whether it be a friendship, a romantic involvement, or otherwise. Rage cannot be expressed except through a screen, and it is destroying the way we see ourselves and others. Many teens are creating organizations to channel their energies and make a difference. Others do not have the resources to make such a decision.

To top it all off, parents have lost their jobs or been furloughed and are with their children. This is especially hard on children too because they tend to have functional relationships-- a relationship of convenience and not of an emotional connection with each other. The rift within the family is now even harder to ignore. Parents are frustrated with both their kids and the world. However, kids are trying to normalize and navigate this new world. Now more so than ever, teens and children are spending more time on their devices.

On the other side of the spectrum, it is an onerous task to take on, but teens are taking matters into consideration for their families, which are now on the breadline. Some families who may have never been in such a situation are now facing this tyranny. Coping mechanisms are needed more so now than ever before, but many people are not willing to accept help. Mental health is such a taboo topic in countless households.

Being in each other’s space is now a trigger.

Being an only child is a blessing and having parents who are a bit lenient in their judgements aid in this process. Various people are developing unhealthy habits. Memes are conveying crazy messages, but the fact is, we are really on the ropes. We need something to keep us going because economies are failing; contrarily, billionaires are getting richer because of the rise of the e-commerce business. This change was proposed to happen in 2024 but it has already happened.

Being a teen at this time is hard. As a matter of fact, being alive at this time is hard.

Another major factor to consider is the protests happening in America for equal rights and the revelation of many racists worldwide. It is such a twisted and cruel world.

These are Common Problems in Relationships:


  • Lack of communication and lack of the ability to do so. Many people are complaining about and struggling to maintain their connections. Though we are now always on our phones, we do not want to have to answer messages frequently, or even be on our phones for extended periods (unless we’re on Netflix). People are fed up talking because there is no more to say since we are all in the same situation. No one wants to hear how the other person is feeling. Not because they are invalid but because there is nothing they can do. No one can aid them either so to them it is so pointless. This is an argument that can go on forever but the truth is we are all fed up of hearing about one another.

Growing Apart:

  • The lack of communication is resulting in space between everyone. The way people are gravitating to cope is to distance. Social distancing has taken on a new meaning. Not only should we be far apart, but we are also growing apart. No one cares to fix it because it feels like none of us will ever understand what the other is going through. Because of this, a mindfulness moment is highly recommended to ensure we don’t wind up lonely after quarantine.


  • We are all familiar with this term, but when we are locked in our homes what counts as infidelity? This is no light question. It’s maybe the biggest elephant in the room. We are on our phones, liking posts and reposting and retweeting. How do we know when is the right time to stop? How do we know it will offend the other? They say it’s a feeling, but what if there is no feeling involved? Then it is just an action that cannot be justified because no matter what, it is what is. Maybe this will teach our generation how to care for each other more, or totally ruin our relationships.

Financial Issues:

  • During this time many people are going through a financial crisis. However, others are still able to live comfortably, so the pressure will fall on the other partner to fund their needs solely. Things like this are so important and very crucial to growth in a relationship. Looking into your budget and creating different investments for yourself while still being open and disclosing the things that matter.

Being too alike or Being too Dissimilar:

  • Honestly, I think this is so paramount. Being too similar to someone has perks, but it can be very intrusive. Some people don’t like people knowing too much about their life and how they live it and other things like that. Of course, that varies from person to person, but it is something to consider. Being too different is also very dangerous and can be destructive to a relationship. I mean, I would hope you know this before entering a relationship, but this is not always the case. People evolve and we are left to pick up the pieces. Therefore, being invested in someone’s core values should be more fundamental than who their favourite artist is.

This article was a heavy read, but I think we don’t talk about these things enough as teens. It would help us to make more informed decisions if we were aware of our habits and so on. So I am happy to start the conversation and draw buzz to this important sector of our lives.

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