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Reasons to visit the amazing Banff, Canada

If there was one place that I would recommend everyone to visit at least once, it would no doubt be Banff, Canada. This region of the Canadian Rockies, mostly within the Banff National Park but also extending to the Jasper and Yoho National Parks, is most definitely a great addition to your travel bucket list. From grand mountains and majestic wildlife to the breathtaking lakes and waterfalls, there are plenty of things to do and see in Banff. Here are some of them, based on my trip there in the summer of 2018:

1. Hiking and backpacking!

  • Loop Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House Hike near Lake Louise

  • Amazing views, lakes, and two tea houses along the way, Lake Agnes and Plain of Six Glaciers

  • At the summit, there is a breathtaking view of the mountain range and Lake Louise

  • The Ink Pots Hike via Johnston Canyon

  • Starts off in the wondrous Johnston Canyon, with its breathtaking waterfalls and scenery

  • End up in the beautiful Ink Pots valley and take in the beautiful surroundings

  • Sunshine Meadows Hike

  • Take ski lifts up to the summit and hike down to the lakes

  • You can cross over into British Columbia from Alberta!

  • Beautiful views of the Canadian Rockies and lakes, as well as unique flora and fauna


2. Plenty of sightseeing opportunities and other activities

  • Moraine Lake

  • A beautiful, clear blue lake near Lake Louise, perfect for a photo-op!

  • Kayaking and canoeing opportunities

  • Columbia Icefield glacier walk

  • Take a special all terrain vehicle to the Columbia Icefield and explore the majestic glacier and even drink fresh glacial water!

  • In addition, you can go on the skywalk and look down at the expansive Sunwapta Valley below


3. Explore the beautiful town of Banff

  • Walk or drive around this scenic town nestled among the beautiful Rockies

  • Plenty of restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums, etc.

Overall, with all of these amazing activities and plenty more, Banff, Canada is definitely a place to consider when planning your next trip!

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