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Resources for Bibliophiles During A Quarantine!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The thing I miss most about pre-quarantine times is the LIBRARY! The library is a place with so many stories and portals to different worlds. Like a lot of the blog writers, I have always found reading books to be somewhat of an escape from reality. Most of my reading list consists of characters that feel isolated, scared about the future, or are just passionate about making their mark, which are all things that I really relate too. YA novels have gotten me through so many ups and downs, they have made me feel like I was understood and motivated to change my life! But during quarantine, the library is obviously closed and I can't get my fix on reading new books. So I scoured for free resources that allowed me to keep nurturing my love for reading.

1. Overdrive (Available on IOS, Google Play, and Desktop)

This is one of the resources I found from our amazing librarians at Gunn. The PAUSD School District gives students free access to Overdrive! You could also try your local library card! This free access means you have a bunch of books that you could choose from and read them through your kindle, desktop, or phone (advanced Wattpad style IMO). Some books also are audiobooks which means you can multitask!!

2. Libby (Available on IOS, Google Play, Desktop)

I watched a few videos about other apps like Overdrive because I wanted a larger range of books to be able to read. Libby was an amazing choice I just had to sign in with my local library card to gain access to a lot more books. In the past few weeks, I have been reading Puddin and From Twinkle with Love on Libby! I just started the latter and I haven't been able to put it down; that might be because its the first fiction book that I have come across that was about an Indian girl!! I love the representation and its so great to read something that talks about your culture even if it's only a little bit. (You should go read it if you like high school-based YA novels!)

3. Audible

I know Audiobooks get a bad rap but trust me, don't let the snobby readers refrain you from trying them. I was once a critic too, but audiobooks give you so much freedom to do other things. It's so much fun closing your eyes and just imagining the great details that are in this new world your listening too. I agree it's not the same! I also miss the smell of the pages and hearing the sound of the page crinkling when you turn it. Seeing your progress through the book visually is so rewarding but it's just a different experience with the same outcome. You'll love the characters just the same, you'll learn the same story both ways! Audible is free for the one month trial which is kind of a cheat, but I recommend that you use it whole-heartedly at least for that month!! :)

Check the comments for more :)

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