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Rating Gender Neutral Greetings

Okay, so I’m a HUGE supporter of human rights. Human rights including (but absolutely not limited to) trans rights, and nonbinary rights, and other gender-nonconforming rights. I consider myself to be somewhere on the nonbinary spectrum. As a result, it irks me when I hear people addressing a crowd or group of people as “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls” because it excludes those who don’t identify with the gender binary.

I’m going to rate some terms you can use without assuming gender. Let’s get into it!

  • First up, we got our all around, always in style “y’all.” I give this a 10/10. I picked it up from a Texan friend who moved away whose legacy I try to keep alive at my school, and I use it a ton.

  • Next up — “folks.” Solid 7/10. It makes it sound like it should be preceded by “howdy,” and I just gotta say that’s not my favourite greeting. But that’s just me.

  • “Theydies and gentlethems.” 11/10, absolutely love it. Gotta admit that I stole this line from a tweet by Alex Remnick (I think).

  • “Everyone.” 6/10, kinda generic but it still works.

  • “Guys, gals, and nonbinary pals.” 9/10. This gives me ‘howdy folks’ southern vibes, but I like it because nonbinary is an umbrella term and therefore covers everyone who doesn’t identify as binary cisgender.

  • “Gentlepeople.” 5/10 because it just sounds so… medieval-trying-to-be-modern. It works, though, so if you like it, go for it!

  • “Peeps.” 10/10. It makes me feel like a lil yellow marshmallow chick… but in a good way.

I know this post was short, but I just wanted to give everyone a gentle reminder that some people don’t conform to the societal gender binary! Nonbinary people don’t owe anyone androgyny, so it’s always good to be on the safe side. :) Hope your week is going well, and thank you for reading!

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1 Comment

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Nov 01, 2020

Love this!

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