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POV:You Just Got A Gossip Girl Blast

Hey “Upper East-Siders”, it’s Gossip Girl here. It’s that time again to rate S and B’s most iconic outfits, that we all know we want. Will Manhattan’s elites surprise, or disappoint you with their high fashion dresses paid by their rich parents?

Well, well, well, what can I say about this look except “perfection”. The dress, the purse, and my favorite part of all B’s outfits, the headband!! It’s a definite 10.

As stunning as S looks, what in the world is that neckline? I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of that flower, nor the belt. Maybe lose those, add a little longer gloves, and voila, much better! Overall a 5/10.

Okay, I love Blair, but what happened to her ability to match clothes in this look? However, I love the hair, and her hat just feeds my obsession for hair accessories! Despite the clashing shirt and skirt, she still

looks stunning, so I give this a 4/10.

How, just how does she manage to make her uniform look so fashionable. I mean I’ve never seen anyone look THIS good in school. From the jacket, to the gloves, and finally to the purse, everything looks gorgeous. S scores a 10.

Another one of my favorite Blair outfits. I’m just living for the whole backless vibe. I do miss her iconic headband, and thus I give her a 9/10 for this one.

Serena does it again, she wows me with her clothing, and ability to look good in pretty much anything. There is one teeny weeny change I would make, which would definitely be the colors. The red and yellow is giving me a very “McDonalds” vibe, and honestly that’s not the vibe I want. S receives a 8/10 for this round.

B in red is like chocolate covered strawberries; cherished and praised by almost all. She looks like a literal princess walking down those stairs, but what's up with the pink shoes and pink purse? It looks very out of place and random. This costs

B a mark off, leaving her final

score to be 9/10.

That’s all for now folks, you know you love me, xoxox, Gossip Girl.

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