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Post-Quarantine Summer Bucket-list Ideas

Updated: May 27, 2020

Quarantine and not being able to hang out with your friends and live a normal teenage life really sucks, especially for those of us who are seniors or are missing important events or milestones that they've looked forward too all their lives. In these times, although the present may be bleak, I find it's really helpful to think about or plan events for the future: a future where there is no COVID-19 pandemic, and a future where you are free to hug your friends, go out with your family, and go on adventures and resume to live life as normal. Despite all the bad that is in our current situation, we have to make the best of it and continue to live, and a good way to do that is remind yourself that after all this is over, you have a future filled with possibility and exciting new memories ahead of you!

Here is a short list of 42 fun and easy things that you can do in the post-quarantine future.

Disclaimer: These things may not be fun for everyone, it is just a list of things that I want to do before graduation that I have compiled: you can use this list as inspiration when making your own personal summer bucket-list!

1. Go to a drive-in movie

This may seem very 60's, but believe it or not, they are still around! If you Google "Drive in Movies near me" you can find a lot of different options and locations.

2. Go stargazing

Who doesn't love looking at the stars? To spice this up a bit you can do this outdoors on a hike or on a camping trip.

3. Spend a day without your phone

I know, I know, survival without your phone for an entire day: it seems crazy. But who knows, maybe you'll like it!

4. Make a time capsule

A great way to keep your memories: You can include a letter to your future self, do this by yourself or with a group of friends, put in objects that are meaningful to you- but you might want to do this in your backyard, or another location close to you so that you can dig it up in a couple years and reminisce.

5. Make a list of local areas near you, and explore: be a tourist in your own city

We all want to travel to Paris but sometimes that's not realistic for a weekend trip- so instead, try touring your own city! It may seem like the boringest place on Earth right now, but trust me, there are hidden gems- surprisingly cool things can be uncovered if you look for them.

6. Pull an all nighter

You might hate yourself the day after, but it's definitely fun in the moment.

7. Go on a bus/train, buy the first available ticket to anywhere and spend the day there

Who says you have to travel overseas to have an adventure? Let fate (and the train ticket guy) choose your destination- just stay safe!

8. Paint your friend's back or draw a henna tattoo

I guess you'll just have to trust that they don't draw a meme in your back.

9. Dance in the rain

.. Or you could just lay there, like this girl decided to do.

10. Go night swimming

Swimming at night >> day

11. Go to one of your favorite spots, and paint it

Bring your sketchbook, or even a canvas and easel, and paint your surroundings! It can be a hill in the nature, a sunset viewpoint, or a busy street in the city.

12. Go camping in your backyard

Pitch a tent, make s'mores, sing in a circle (Just don't annoy the neighbors too much) have a bonfire, sleep under the stars!

13. Compliment a stranger

It can lead to a budding friendship, and at the very least, you'll make someone happy!

14. Make a list of things you're scared of and do them

Conquer your fears! They don't have to be huge things like jumping out of an airplane or zip-lining, although that's definitely cool too, something as small as making small talk to strangers, making a new friend, and just getting out of your comfort zone

15. Have a picnic

Hike up to a cool location near you or go to a park with your friends, bring a picnic blanket and a speaker, and have a potluck!

16. Take a road-trip

A perfect summer activity if you or a friend or family member have a license (otherwise I wouldn't recommend testing your luck!) You can do a giant road-trip around your country/state, or something as small as going around your local city and finding cool locations in your very own hometown.

17. Go whitewater rafting

I mean come on, it's white water rafting, who doesn't want to do this one day?

18. Do a random act of kindness every day

It can be as big as donating food or money, paying for the person behind you in line, going to an animal shelter and help out for a day, or even just being nice to your sibling for once, picking up a piece of trash, or smiling and saying hello to a stranger! You never know what effect your words can have on the people around you, but I promise a simple hello will go a long way.

19. Go to a farmer's market

First of all, the good vibes make you feel like you're living in a small rural cottage town in the 1800's. Second, surprisingly cool stuff can be found at Farmer's Markets- and some seriously good food!

20. Run a themed marathon

There are any different marathons out there: a Mud Run, a Color run, and many more fun themed marathons that you can participate in!

21. Watch a sunrise

We've all probably seen a sunset at some point in our lives, but have you actually gotten out of bed early enough to witness a sunrise? Try waking up early and going to your local viewpoint or hill with your friends- you can even bring breakfast and have a picnic!

22. Go geo-cacheing

If you don't know what this is, it's basically a treasure hunt played by millions of people around the world, where people in your community hide different items in unknown places.There's a phone app that tracks geocaches near you called "Geocaching".

23. Go thrifting

Thrift stores can often have really good clothing for super cheap! Just keep an open mind and go raid those thrift stores!

24. Go swimming at a lake

Find a nearby lake and plan a weekend trip with your friends! This can be even cooler if there's a waterfall nearby, and if you're daring enough, (and if it's dark enough) you can even go skinny dipping.

25. Make a scrapbook or journal of your favorite memories

I started a journal in middle school where I record all of my favorite adventures and memories- it's super fun to look back at and see the events written by me, and a good way to remember the good times and not forget the small but special moments!

26. Learn to skateboard

He was a skater boi, she said see you later boi...

27. Go rollerblading

Indoor roller rinks may be the coolest thing ever (plus you can pretend you're in an 80's movie), and if you have your own rollerblades, just rollerblading outside is super fun as well.

28. Handwrite letters to your best friends

It's a super cute and creative way to show your friends how much you appreciate them.

29. Have an all day movie marathon with your friends

You can go with some good classics like watching all the Harry Potter and Marvel movies or start a new show on Netflix.

30. Make a collage of all your dreams and goals

You can cut out photos from magazines or print photos from the internet and make a real collage to put up in your room, or make it online on your phone!

31. Participate in a flash mob

Ok I seriously don't know where people find these but they're so cool and I spend wayyy too much time watching them on Youtube: if anyone knows where you can find one of these things please do tell!

32. Go to a carnival

Explore your local amusement park, and if you live in one of those small towns that offer a local carnival: go! (Tip: Don't bring that much money, or I guarantee you will blow it all on their addictive games. Totally not speaking from a 60 dollar loss experience.)

33. Write your future self a letter

Future you will appreciate the effort! Write about your dreams and goals- it'll be fun to compare and contrast when you read it in a couple years.

34. Make a list of books to read, and read them

For those of you bookworms out there- and if you're not, you just haven't found the right one yet! You can check out our recommended YA books in another blog post (shameless self promo)

35. Get a job

Find a job that involves whatever your interests are, and if you don't try something new and maybe you'll like it! If you love sports, look into some summer sports camps or sports clubs where you can coach near you, if you love baking, apply to your local coffee shop or bakery, if you love animals, try working at a shelter, and so on!

36. Send a message in a bottle

Who knows where it'll end up?

37. Cook a full dinner for your parents

They do it for you every day, give back!

38. Explore an un-explored area near you

Discover your inner Christopher Columbus.

39. Go through a car wash but outside of your car

This may be dangerous- you didn't hear it here. You have been warned! Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

40. Go berry picking

Find an event organized by your local ranch or farm: just don't go into your neighbors front yard at 2am and pluck their orange tree, claiming you were berry picking!

41. Get food between 12-4 AM

For some reason, everything tastes better that way.

42. Drive to the beach and have a bonfire

The beach is the perfect place to spend the day with your friends: you can swim, walk around, take photos, explore the cute small beach towns or just lay in the sand and enjoy the sun. If you want to have a bonfire in the evening, make sure you're at a beach that has fire pits or allows fires, since many do not!

If you have any fun bucket-list ideas that weren't on this list, or this list inspired you and you want to share your adventures, feel free to comment down below!!

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