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Podcasts: What’s So Good About Them?

If you’ve been active in the creative portion of the internet, either as a consumer or creator, there’s a chance that you have heard about podcasts. This currently “in” form of entertainment has recently climbed in popularity. From shorter, fifteen-minute episodes to hour-long, wandering conversations, from political commentary pieces to financial advice, from your own friends to publicly-recognized figures, there is a lot of variety in the types of podcasts you can choose from.

Technically, the first podcast was made in October 2003, when Matt Schichter created the show The Backstage Pass, which was uploaded as an audio file for listening. Since then, podcasts have come into the spotlight multiple times and have only become more relevant, creating a new industry and taking over as one of the most relevant forms of entertainment. I myself have come around to loving them as many of my friends and family have.

Many people can appreciate the convenience of podcasts. Often, they can tell a story without any image or video component, allowing people to do things like listening to beautifully woven stories while doing chores or other less-engaging tasks. One of my friends told me that she loves to clean her room while listening to the podcast featuring multiple readings of the Harry Potter books on Spotify.

Other podcasts made by creators (think YouTubers, artists) or other significantly recognized individuals (programmers, athletes, and more) can share personal experiences that they have learned from. This allows their fans to connect with them, learn how they came to the decisions and opportunities that defined them, or simply laugh at some hilarious encounters they have had.

Many listeners use the convenience of podcasts as a kind of replacement for TV episodes. I personally listen to podcasts while I do work such as graphic design or working on websites, and I find it increases my productivity. I love being able to tune out whenever I need to pour more focus and still be able to catch funny jokes to laugh at. I tend to enjoy commentary podcasts, which don’t really follow longer, winding plots and jokes, but feature callbacks, sudden yet hilarious laughs, short anecdotes, and general words on larger ideas and happenings.

Also, something worth considering is that it’s easier on a listener’s eyes than most digital entertainment is. My friend personally likes how he doesn’t have to do anything in order to listen to podcasts except for relaxing and opening his ears and mind. Also, podcasts’ variety are even greater than most forms of entertainment, because anyone can make a podcast. The article in the following link details how:

Podcasts have been around for longer than they have been popular. However, as the need for convenience grows and we become more conscious of the effects of technology on our health, their popularity will continue to increase. They're are a new form of creative art, and often involve commentary, comedy, creativity, inspiration, knowledge, skills, and fun, all of which can make them interesting. Consider listening to an episode every day--perhaps in the morning to set your attitude for the day--while being able to learn or broaden your perspective.

Happy listening!

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1 Comment

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Jul 25, 2020

i LOVE podcast!

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