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P.O.V. : You are in love with a fictional character

We have all made those playlists. Yes, you know what I am talking about. ;) If you don’t, let me explain. Say you have just finished a tv show, book series, movie, or maybe even experience something that gave you all of the feels. You are trying to find something that will encompass all of your excitement, butterflies, etcetera for this new found love or fandom.  And what does one do? ( beside scroll on Redbubble, look at Pinterest, and create your own scenarios) You make a playlist!! Yes, a playlist. A collection of songs that takes you back to a certain part in a show you were watching, gives you same butterflies the characters gave you while reading their heartfelt scene, or makes you feel as if you are in the movie yourself. Ringing a bell? And the great thing is that there’s musical playlists for ANYTHING! Fallen in love with the main character in a movie? There’s a playlist for that. Felt trapped inside of a book, but with the two hottest characters? There’s a playlist for that. Found your new favorite celebrity crush and fantasizing meeting him/her for the first time? There’s a playlist for that. Have I just embarrassed myself or do you relate? Hopefully, it’s the latter. :) Regardless, here are some of my favorite P.O.V. / themed playlists! Even if you aren’t imagining yourself being trapped in a book, movie, or show, hopefully you will enjoy these anyways! Have a great day. <3

 (Disclaimer: some of these are mine and some of them are from other creators )

Running out into a field:

Holmesbury <3 (Enola Holmes) :

Hopeless romantics, this one is for you:

Pov: you are in love with Draco Malfoy (two different ones):

Pov: you are in love with Cedric Diggory: 

Pov: you're in love with Draco & Cedric but can't choose :

New York, New York :

Basic Main Character Things: 

My life is a movie: 

Pov: You are in Euphoria:

Songs that make you feel like the most important person in the world : 

Feysand/ Acotar :

Think Abt Life:

That Movie Scene Where Everything Feels Right: 

Crying over Boys:

There’s many more but I will leave it there. Enjoy!

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